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0186 Tbilisi, Georgia.

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About us
The High Energy Physics Institute of Tbilisi State Uni­ver­sity is a scientific-academic ins­ti­tution.
JEDI Collaboration
The HEPI TSU is a member of the JEDI international collaboration at COSY IKP.
KM3NeT Project
Atlas Experiment
Institute is participating in the ATLAS experiment.
Theoretical Physics
Researches in the theoretical physics.
სიახლეები ნაწილაკების ფიზიკაში
How do you kill hard-to-reach tumors? Particle physics is on the case.

High-energy electron beams may be able to kill tumors 10 times deeper than current treatments can—without damaging vital organs.

06 Dec 2022

Why the laws of physics don't actually exist

What we call laws of physics are often just mathematical descriptions of some part of nature. Ultimate physical laws probably don't exist and physics is all the better for it, says theoretical physici ...

09 Dec 2022

The axion search programme at DESY

Join the audience for a live webinar at 2 p.m. GMT/3 p.m. CET on 26 January 2023 exploring the ongoing axion search activities at DESY By clicking the “Watch now” button you will be taken to our third ...

08 Dec 2022

RWTH: Funding continues for Transregional Collaborative Research Center in Particle Physics

The German Research Foundation (DFG) has decided to provide continued funding for the Transregional Collaborative Research Center “Particle Physics Phenomenology After the Higgs Discovery”. RWTH ...

05 Dec 2022

‘Solar Twins’ Reveal the Consistency of the Universe

Physicists study starlight to find whether the fine structure constant, whose value makes our universe possible, really is the same everywhere.

09 Dec 2022

Watch: New laser experiment reveals how high poop particles may blast after we flush

Researchers focused a laser beam on a toilet to see how flushing shoots normally invisible particles into the air, a finding that could guide future bathroom design.

08 Dec 2022

Research explains basics of aerosol formation at the vocal folds

Very small exhaled droplets, so-called aerosol particles, play an important role in the airborne transmission of pathogens such as the coronavirus. Researchers in the field of fluid mechanics used a ...

08 Dec 2022

'Quantum time flip' makes light move simultaneously forward and backward in time

The time-flipped photon can't be used to restage "Back to the Future," but it could help us figure out some of the universe's most mysterious phenomena.

07 Dec 2022

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