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Archil Durglishvili
Young scientist of the institute is participating in the ATLAS experiment of the Large Hadron Collider at CERN since 2013, where he is involved in the search for "new physics".
Tamar Zakareishvili
Gogita Papalashvili
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The High Energy Physics Scientific-Research Institute of Iv. Javakhishvili Tbilisi State Uni­ver­sity (HEPI-TSU) is a scientific-academic ins­ti­tution.

News in particle physics
Prized Science | The Holy Grail of bacteria study; Unmasking the mysterious dark matter

Read about Ashwani Kumar's research on biofilms in TB drug resistance, and Basudeb Dasgupta's research in the interface of astrophysics and particle physics ...

27 Sep 2023

Bizarre Quantum Theory Explains Why Your Coffee Takes So Long to Drip through a Narrow Filter

Physicist John Cardy and his colleague just won the 2024 Breakthrough Prize in Fundamental Physics. We spoke with Cardy about conformal field theory, 2D black holes and coffee filters ...

25 Sep 2023

It's Official: For The First Time Neutrinos Have Been Detected in a Collider Experiment

FASERnu is an emulsion detector consisting of millimeter-thick tungsten plates alternated with layers of emulsion film. Tungsten was chosen because of its high density, which increases the likelihood ...

26 Sep 2023

Concord University joins international physics collaboration

Concord University has been accepted as an institutional member of the COHERENT Collaboration at Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

26 Sep 2023

A massive detector in China will try to find a supernova before it happens

Astronomers don’t know the finer details of how a star explodes, but observing the processes as it starts might help give some clues.

26 Sep 2023

ATLAS measures strength of the strong force with record precision

Binding together quarks into protons, neutrons and atomic nuclei is a force so strong, it's in the name. The strong force, which is carried by gluon particles, is the strongest of all fundamental ...

25 Sep 2023

$100,000 Breakthrough physics prize awarded to 3 scientists who study the large scale structure of the universe

Mikhail Ivanov, Oliver Philcox, and Marko Simonović won the New Horizons Award for their work on large scale structures — the strands and filaments of our universe which contain buried clues to its ...

20 Sep 2023

What is quantum squeezing?

How many times have you shown up to a video meeting with people at work only to find you have terrible internet that day? Maybe the others on the call are cutting in and out, or maybe your own signal ...

25 Sep 2023

Nobel prize announcement next week: All you need to know about the coveted award

Recognising outstanding contributions to the field of physics, which can include discoveries related to the fundamental laws of the universe, particle physics, and condensed matter physics. Chemistry: ...

27 Sep 2023

'Ghost' particles from the sun could lead us straight to an invisible trove of dark matter

New research suggests that the sun may hold dark matter in its fiery heart, and ghostly particles called neutrinos could lead us to it.

20 Sep 2023

NMU hosts first Biennial Conference on Fundamental and Applied Physics

Africa's leading science scholars and academics have gathered in George in the Western Cape for the biennial African Conference on Fundamental and Applied Physics.

25 Sep 2023

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