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Iv. Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University


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0186 Tbilisi, Georgia.

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About us
The High Energy Physics Institute of Tbilisi State Uni­ver­sity is a scientific-academic ins­ti­tution.
JEDI Collaboration
The HEPI TSU is a member of the JEDI international collaboration at COSY IKP.
KM3NeT Project
Atlas Experiment
Institute is participating in the ATLAS experiment.
Theoretical Physics
Researches in the theoretical physics.
სიახლეები ნაწილაკების ფიზიკაში
Team first to detect neutrinos made by a particle collider

In a scientific first, a team led by physicists at the University of California, Irvine has detected neutrinos created by a particle collider. The discovery promises to deepen scientists' ...

20 Mar 2023

First Detection of Neutrinos in a Particle Collider Reported by California Physicists in a Scientific First

Physicists in California have reported the detection of neutrinos in a particle collider, marking a new breakthrough development in physics.

21 Mar 2023

Scientists find a common thread linking subatomic color glass condensate and massive black holes

Physicists have discovered a remarkable correspondence between dense states of gluons—the gluelike carriers of the strong nuclear force within atomic nuclei—and enormous black holes in the cosmos.

21 Mar 2023

The quantum revolution: ‘Spooky action’

This is an audio transcript of the Tech Tonic podcast episode: ‘The quantum revolution: ‘Spooky action’’ Madhumita Murgia Hi, my name is Madhumita Murgia, and I’m one of the presenters of Tech Tonic.

21 Mar 2023

Two moons of Uranus may have active subsurface oceans

The newly reported observations of Voyager 2 — currently the only spacecraft to have visited Uranus — showed that one or two of the ice giant's 27 known moons are adding plasm ...

20 Mar 2023

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